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» Quiz: What Digimon Character are you? (Season 1)
What Digimon Character are you? (Season 1)
created by Kaoru009

1.) If you have a problem with something, what would you like to work on?
Gaining Courage
Working on my Friendship skills
Gaining Knowledge
Having Faith in my friends
Learning to Love
Making people Rely on me

2.) What would you like be when you grow up?
An Ambassador
An Astronaut
A Scientist/Researcher
A Cooking Career
To Be a Fashion Designer
A Doctor

3.) Do you have any siblings?
I have only one
I have one that I met only yesterday (Because our parents are divorced)
I'm adopted.
I'm an only child
I wish I had a sibling
I have many siblings

4.) Do you have a secret crush on someone?
No Way!!!
Like I owuld tell you.

5.) Finall, What kind of pet would you like?
A Lizard
I would like a certain bug
A dog
My plants are my pets
I would like to have a pretty bird
A decent fish. Easy to take care of.

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