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» Quiz: Which of my personalitys are you
Which of my personalitys are you
created by Kensa

This is just something for me to do for the time being, this quiz can tell you which one of my Rp chars you are, Hope you get a good one!!

1.) If you were at a bar and a guy walks up to you and starts hitting on you what would you do?
Ignore him, untill he says something to offend you and you get realy pissed and tell him off in big words to cunfuse him, and after he leaves you cry
Flirt with him, and after a while tell him how much you cost, and if he doesnt pay up you kill him.
Hold a dagger to his thought and tell him to leave you alone.
Act shy

2.) If you were going to go out somewhere what would you wear?
Mini skirt and a tube top, lots of sparklies, and lots of make-up, lets not forget our heels!!
A long black skirt with a black satin long sleve shirt. White powder, pink eye shadow and maybe black eyeliner.
Upper body Armour, your sword some daggers, and black pants, and some black eyeliner.

3.) Which sentance appeals to you?
So many boys, so little time.
What other forms of torture will this world put me though?! Is there anyone that cares? When will be happy being me?!
My love and my chirldren are all that matters to me, piss me off and I will kill you, if your nice I will be too.

4.) Finnaly! If one of your friends or someone you realy love was introble and being attacked by evil demonds what would you do?
Stand there, acting like nothing is happening, scared outta your mind.
Do nothing because you have no friends, friends are for the weak minded.
Pull your sword out and kill anyone that dare touch your friend/loved one.

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