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» Quiz: are you right for me?
are you right for me?
created by shatteredgirlash

i just wanna see how many people are right for me? i think i know some one who is lets see if he is...

1.) we just met and we talk for awhile and i ask you what kind of music do you like and you say ----- and i ask are you in a band you say -----? (fill in the blanks)
Idusterial and yes i am.. wanna hear some of our stuff?
nope but i am a poet
yes.. i am in a grunge band. how about you?

2.) i asked to see some of your work.. what do you send me?
you send me little recording of your music and send me art work.
you send me your poem.
you send me some photography and short stories.
what work?huh.. im a slacker..

3.) do you cut?
yes sadly i do ,, i wish i didnt.. help me.. i know you dont wanna lose me.
only idiots cut

4.) we been friends for awhile..tell me where i like to be kissed..
the cheek
your a dirty girl, you like kisses there (YOU POINT DOWN)

5.) What your type of girl look like?
god she has to be like a size 0,blonde hair,blue eyes and wear american eagle and all that
she has to be her..looks arent important
dark eyes, dark hair,white, pierced, just being her
um i dont know. i dont have a type

6.) what her personailty like?
loves animals and kids,shes shy towards most but not you, she the type of girl to threw hours away 2 spend time with you and loves you for you
she the type of girl mom warned you about pierced,heavenly eyes and a body to make u say OH GOD and its all about her.. shes kinda slutty.
she the type of girl skilled in bed thats all i care about
she poetic,shy, here for me when im sad

7.) last question.. do you know who you love?
yes i do.. shes my best friend, she my everything,,
i think we are falling in love,but she just my best friend right now
love.. haha all u need is good sex
um i am gay

8.) what movie do you like most?
strangeland and or donnie darko
the crow
anything like the crow,the punisher and all that

9.) what of these faces do u like?
shift 6 undescore shift 6 cause it wont let me u will have 2 do it yourself
shift 2 underscore shift 2
stoner face

10.) last question..what gift would i give me to show your love for me..?
a hug and a kiss on forehead
your music and a kiss on the forehead
nothing,suck me

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