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» Quiz: How Bitchy Are You?
How Bitchy Are You?
created by MommyTyrant

You've seen other "bitch tests" out there... For an even better one than this.. try www.thespark.com However, since THIS SITE is so much cooler, you are likely to find a MORE accurate answer. So go on, let the truth be known. Find out what all your friends have already been saying behind your back for years. Probably your mom too.

1.) Are you a.....
Woman... thank you
Waste of Space

2.) What's the real cause of evil in the world?
Men, you know, those assholes with testosterone?
Your Mom
George Bush... or Some other political head
Nothing. It just is
My hairspray... it caused a leak in the O-Zone that let the demons in... Ooops Sorry
How should I know?
Um. Dr. Evil. It's in his name and all. Duh.
Usually mother in laws... The devil. Heh, same difference.

3.) You see someone on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride. HE looks well groomed and nice, but he has blood coming from his nose and is pretty beat up. What do you do?
Keep driving. He's probably just faking it so he can rape me.
Help him, pick him up... and hope he doesn't rape me.
Stop, roll down the window, and ask if he needs help. Maybe drive him... if his story sounds good.
Keep driving. Honk, point, and laugh as you go by.
Call the police on your cell phone and tell them that there is strange man on the street trying to stalk you.
Pick him up, and ask him to buy you a drink for your kindness.... ;) (after he cleans up of course)
Do nothing... not your problem
Is he cute?
Stop, pretend you are going to help. Roll down the window and yell at the poor man, causing him to cry... Then laugh as you drive off.

4.) This question really can tell something about you... What's your favorite color?
pink, white, or something light and pastel-ish
Gold or Silver
red, orange, or
Hot pink, magenta, electric anything, or neon...
brown or earth tones

5.) Do you wear fake nails?
Yes. But decently manicured... normal colors...
No. What a waste of money.
Yes. Long painful ones.
Yes. With decals, designs, and or sparkles. (Hooker nails)
Lee Press on Baby

6.) Do you... um... PLEASE you man?
Yes. And I don't accept money for it.
Yes. And I collect money. A lot. Ya, I'm that good.
Sure. After marriage.
Only after I get 'mine'.

7.) What about tattoos?
yes... 1-3
Yes. I have a friend who does them. It's (they) aren't too bad.
Yep... 3-10
A few... and they are on places you can't see
More than I can count. They just blend together.

8.) How many guys have you slept with?
ALOT!!!! And damn, it was sure fun.. Now, if I could only remember their names...
ALOT... but not all at once... Well maybe a few at once.. But...
A couple.
Just the one. And we are happily married, thank you.

9.) Now... how many of them knew each other? (IE.. they were once best friends, family members, etch?)
Ha. That's not funny.
Just one.
Does my boyfriends cousin count? It was his second cousin.... Or something of that nature.
Just the once. And yes, they are still friends.
none. Didn't I say that already?
I believe that's none of your fucking business!
Get on with it already...

10.) Last one. I know. But it takes a lot to find these things out about people.... You are offered your 'dream job', but you have to step on people to make it to the top... What do you do?
Kill, maim, crush. Screw them, I deserve it.
I do what I have to do...
I don't know. I am not that aggresive...
I'd rather sleep with than step on...
Nothing, and hope in the long run, my nice round credentials get me to the top... the DECENT way!
Whatever. I just want the job.
Take the dirty road, keeping tabs on the people I hurt along the way and dredge up the dirt on them to ensure they can't get me back later.

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