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» Quiz: Who Are You In Avenged Sevenfold?
Who Are You In Avenged Sevenfold?
created by Lost_In_Darkness

Are you M.Shadows,Johnny Christ,Zacky Vengeance,Synester Gates or The Reverend?

1.) Which Type of hair do you prefer?
Black and slicked back with gel
Purple,black and blonde mix
Spiked up high
Orange and black and kinda shaggy
black mohawk

2.) What Instrument do you perfer?
Vocals(O.k i know its not an instrument but who cares?!?)
Lead Guitar
Backing Guitar

3.) Make up? Yes or No?
Yes.Mostly just a little eyeliner
Yes all around my eyes and a touch of white all over my face.
Yes eyeliner and black eyeshadow for the dead effect
Yes,mostly just eyeliner
Yea eyeline not all the time though.

4.) Sing too or just play your instrument?
Of course I sing I'm the lead singer!
No I just play drums no one notices me
Yea I Do back-up Vocals
Yea some back-up singing in some songs
nope I just play bass

5.) Face Piercings?
Yea I have a bull-ring in my nose.
Yea my lip
No I just play drums no one would notice
uh nope

6.) FINAL QUESTION!!! Do you even know who Avenged Sevenfold is?!
Yea I heard them once.....
um........let me see.....uh...no....
no! I only took the test for no reason.OF COURSE I KNOW WHO THEY R U MORON!
Yea..no i just took the test for fun

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