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» Quiz: What werid animal mutation are you? (w/ pictures)
What werid animal mutation are you? (w/ pictures)
created by SquirrelCrossings

All pics by koit.myby.co.uk

1.) Where do you live?
Wide open african plains
In a nest...underground...in a hole...:)
The jungle
In a gaint hole in the middle of the afircan plains
In the park, running around stupidly and eating nuts...mmmmm

2.) Your home is being destroyed! What do you do??
Why leap onto the emenies and nibble their ears off with my big teeth! Grrrrrr...
Fly away!
Leap down from your high perch onto the attacker and bite them with your long beak!
Timidly run as fast as you can go!
Why stand up! They'll be scared of your height and that's when you chase them away!

3.) You somehow saved your home...fweew...but they took one thing from you! And it was your precious! What was it?
Your secert carrot stash, I spent days hunting thoose carrots down!
A tree....you like trees....so tasty!
Your nest :(
All of your freaking bananas! Now your gonna die :(
Your acorns
What? I have stuff? COOOL!!

4.) well, they also messed up your house...ALOT! And to make matters worse...your mom is coming over today! What do you do?
Fill the room with nuts! She loves nuts as much as you do!
Quickly make a big nest...and...call all of your friends over to make yourself seem more social.
Coming over? Your mom lives in the same pack as you!
Same as the dude above me.
Clean up? Nah, your too busy planning some mean prank on her.
Clean up I guess....

5.) Your mom is inpressed, and goes away....far away! But you missed a party with your best buddy, how do you make it up to your friend?
Wah? Your friend was THERE man!
Errr....say sorry?
Hey, he's lower in the rankings then you! You shouldn't have to say sorry to HIM!
Give him half a carrot...quarter...cause...same as that guy above.
Play a prank on them...cheers 'em right up!
A hug should do it :)

6.) What do you do when your alllll alone?
Count the acorns in my house....17 18 19 20!
Why dig holes!
Woudln't YOU like to know...
Fly around in circles.
Be tall

Whatever...can you just leave me alone?
How dare you waste my time!
Did I switch the salt and sugar already?
You okay?

8.) You hurt my feelings :(
I'm sorry :(
NOOO!!! your supposed to LAUGH! HAHAHAHA!!!
Wanna carrot?
Hey, not my falt your annoying!

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