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» Quiz: Which Full House Character Are u?
Which Full House Character Are u?
created by cool_cute_girl

1.) Your cousin takes your fave hat without asking, what do you say?
Thats Bogus DuDe!!
Thats my fave hat!!
You're in big trouble mister!
How Rude!
Hey Get Back Here!!
As long as you dont get any stains on it..you can take it
You could've asked you know!

2.) Your annoyin lil sister follows you around everywhere..what do you do?
Tell Her That I'm sick of it and she needs to get a life
Clean..and well Clean
Ask her to stop..because its bothering you
Trick her into going somewhere
Tell my dad
He He He..we're gonna have so much FuN!!
Hey..its cool..cause she looks up to me..

3.) What do you do in your free time?
Hang out with cute guys at my best buds place
Annoy my big sister
just walk around and say cute things..cuz I'm cute..LOlz
Clean Clean Clean...wash and Clean
Spend time with my boyfriend/husband
He he..I'm a comedian
Eh..watch the hair!!

4.) All Right what do you think of this quiz?
It is very nice...
Its So RAD!!!
it sucks..
He He !!!its woody!!! heh
Have Mercy...
Well it looks clean to me
Its nice

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