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» Quiz: Which 'ONE PIECE' Character Are You?
Which 'ONE PIECE' Character Are You?
created by Belladonna

1.) When out and about, which of the following is closest to your typical garb?
Something loose and comfy: preferably anything baggy, sleeveless or open-toed. I'm not out to impress, just to have a good time!
An ensemble both casual and nice. What can I say- I like to be prepared for any occasion or role that may come my way.
I'll have thrown on something old, raggedy and multi-purpose. So I look a little tough- you'll find that out sooner or later, anyway.
Something simple and durable-- work clothes, I guess. You might say I look like a simpleton, but I'll show you otherwise. Hopefully.
You'll find me dressed nicely most all the time. SOmetimes you can catch me settling for my work uniform-- which is pretty sharp, if I say so myself.

2.) What best describes your life goals?
I'm still pursuing a dream I had years ago. I plan to go to the very top of my profession, gaining strength and respect. I know I'll work hard for it.
Sure, I want to become pretty successful with my job, I want to go places and meet people, but there's this one thing I've always wanted to obtain...
The sky's the limit, baby! I know I can do anything I want--- and I want A LOT!
I'm not asking a whole lot from my life. But if I can, I'm going to try to reach this one great place that would definitely improve my career...
What are my goals? Well.... to survive, of course! And, I guess, I don't want to go out a nobody... and with nobody.

3.) All right. So if someone attacks you, how would you react?
I would run off, yelling that I'd bring a bunch of friends to help kick his butt. Then, once out of sight, I'd bean him in the head and knock him out.
I'd probably just knee him in the stomach and that's that. I usually stalk off all peaceful-like unless the guy's looking for a fight.
I'd be grinning while I whooped him into oblivion! After a lengthy fight, he's either KO'ed or my newest buddy.
I'd fight him away from me, hopefully rather unscathed. But just becaused he was so pesky, I'd probably end up taking his wallet or his car.
I'd get kinda pissed, tell him it's on, then just fight and fight until I can't take any more... it usually leaves me kind of bloody.

4.) If you could be any of these animals, which would you be?
A tiger.
A gypsy moth.
A kangaroo.
A cobra.
I don't think I'm much like these or any.
A dog.

5.) Which is a bad habit of yours?
Okay, I'll admit to being a cleptomaniac at times. And cheating, now and then.
I strech the truth at times.... I annoy people sometimes.... I run away from my problems.... does that make me a bad person?
Sometimes I pig out more than I should. And I'm told I make some dumb decisions sometimes, but that's life to me.
I can be more distant than I'd like sometimes... uh, I admit to drinking.... and I hurt myself on purpose once or twice.

6.) And in turn, what are some of your hobbies?
Cleptomania and cheating. ::grins:: oh- and gardening's okay, as is designing maps.
Ugh... nowadays, my work is my hobby... but I also enjoy flattering the opposite sex whenever I can.
Work or sleep, you pick.
Mostly just hanging out with friends, traveling, and work. I'm busy, but happy.
I'm a pretty good story-teller. And, uh, I love art and painting, that kind of thing.

7.) Final question: what would your favorite or most-used facial expression be?
Usually a tie between a bemused stare and a grimace.
A saucy sort of smirk, usually.
A big, toothy grin comes to mind. But my face can do many things.
Either a cool and collected glance or a drooling-monkey love gaze.
Either a totally put-on face of earnest concentration, or a genuine gape of terror.

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