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» Quiz: What is YOUR terror alert color?
What is YOUR terror alert color?
created by zen

OMFG! Terrorizm is sooooo serious! My bad, it is, but yeah Here is the quiz anyway. :P

1.) You got marrooned on a deserted island and you're forced to eat weird stuff to survive. Pick one of the island delicacies.
Lady Bugz!
Baby McCaws
Uncooked Fishies from teh ocean
Uncooked Crabz from teh ocean
Boa Constrictor that you wrestled to death
Screw the island. I will swim for it. (Shark Bait)

2.) Where would you rather go?
America (anywhere you choose)
Outer Space

3.) Pick a Movie from teh list (If you haven't seen them then you suck)
Harry Potter
Finding Nemo
Matrix Revolutions
Lord of teh Rings
Fahrenheit 9/11
I always wait for DVDs or Cable

4.) Pick a Color (Haha, no, they don't match up Swifty)

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