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» Quiz: What Warcraft 3 Race Best Suits You?
What Warcraft 3 Race Best Suits You?
created by Kain_the_Slayer

1.) Let's go on an adventure!!!!You are in a Tavern, and someone pickpockets you. What do you do?
Stop the pick-pocket, and calmly tell them to give you your money back
Calmly manipulate the pickpocket, and 'convince' them to give you your money back.
Kill the Pick Pocket! GAAAAHHH!!!!!!
Let the pick pocket think they've escaped, and when they least expect it... -chink- arrow through their neck

2.) So you somehow got your Gold back. And now when you order a Drink, the Bartender tries to rip you off, by charging outrageous prices for drinks. What do you do?
Steal a Drink when he's not looking
Give cheap gems to the Bartender, and claim they are Diamonds.
Pay the Greedy Bastard the Gold he asks for
Kill him!!!! GAHHH!!!!!!

3.) Whatever you chose to do about being ripped off, somehow you got kicked out of the Tavern. As you are leaving the Town, you come across a caravan, that has been attacked. The Wagons are on fire, and people are fighting. What do you do?
Kill everyone!!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!!
Side with the Caravan Masters, and help them fight their attackers.
Quietly sneak away, to avoid being seen.

4.) So whether you fought in the raided caravan, or fled, you are now walking through the night. You set up camp, and wake up, to find yourself surrounded by Trolls. What do you do?
Convince the Trolls to join you, and aid you in whatever endeavor you are undergoing.
Kill them all!!!!!!!!
Defend yourself, and flee when you get the chance
Hope they haven't spotted you yet, and sneak away.

5.) So you got away from the Trolls alive. You are weary, and tired, and now you're without supplies. You walk aimlessly for about an hour, before you see a cave in front of you. Behind you, you spot a group of Bandits, walking in your direction.
Hope they haven't spotted you, and sneak into the cave
Possess the Bandits, and add them to your collection, along with your trolls
Parley with the Bandits.

6.) However you chose to deal with the bandits, you now find yourself in their cave. They've taken you hostage, and have you locked in a tiny jail cell, along with a flagellent Dwarf (flagellent means bad gas)
Pursuade the guards into letting you free
Break down the bars, and kill the guards... and claim revenge on the Dwarf, for giving you a headache
Pick the lock, and sneak past the guards, to your freedom.
Act sick, so the guards unlock your cage to check on you. When they do, make a run for it!

7.) Wow! You got through all of that, alive! What do you do now?
Go back home, and kill everyone, just for the hell of it.
Continue to
Flee into the darkness, to never be seen again.
Find another Tavern, and start over again

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