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» Quiz: Who are you from angel sanctuary...
Who are you from angel sanctuary...
created by Moebius


1.) who do you love?
..what IS love exactly..thats the questions..but..if i must CHOOSE ..i say myself
my master..for i am his pure angel..ganted hes a lil mean at times..but i know he means well.....his beauty is unquestionable
my love is forbidden..family or not..she is mine..
..i love him..i know im not really supossed to.but..well..
..love is nothing much..
..i dont LIVE long enough to find a freggin love
..my father...setsura..and a few others..

2.) ..a fight cannot be avoided....yu have tried everything..so now what?
..oh no..a fight?..erm..i had better run..
i will kill my foe so that he may be protected..NO ONE will touch him with their filthy hands
..kill them of course..
..im a lil buzzed right now..dont ask me all this shit
..if i must..i will face my enemy
..bah mortals..i dont have time for this..be gone with you!
..im always up for a good fight

3.) evil...
this made no sense and you waste my time..evil is a truth no one will recognize..
..evil lurkes everywhere..well..thats what that one book said..shit...im so fucking high
evil is my greatest foe
evil?..IM evil..because i love her..what kind of beast am i?!..as long as i have her though..i can be at peace
.....what a dumbass quiz
..pfft evil..good..im all of that..who cares

4.) what best discribes you?
..sweet..caring..abit scared..lovable
loyal..servernt...but you fight for a greater good
lil high...not like it matter I DIE IN LIKE 30 MINUTES WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THIS?!
ace of agony..lord of all that is evil..i am your greatest fear
..i seem okay..but in truth..im fighting myself..forbidden loves..my lifes a wreck..but ..when i see that special somone smile..all is well
..outgoing..smoke a lil here and there..but are always there for a friend..

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