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created by Emma!

1.) If you were directly confronted by your enemy and knew that there was no chance you would survive if you faught them, what would you do?
I would fight for the peace and victory of my kind! I would destroy the foe with my sword and become King for all eternity!
I would use the goodness in my heart to destroy the enemy. I am not afraid to die and i would fight for the honesty and purity that is left.
I would fight, fight until my back was full of arrows. I would earn back the trust i had lost and avenge those who i had disgraced.
I would use my wisdom and experience to defeat the enemy. I would do anything in my power to protect my friends and ultimately, Middle Earth.
i would struggle to fight the enemy but without my friends with me it would prove difficult.
I have a strong heart and spirit, and though i may be no elf, i would still fight to the death.
What...what....the precious! The precious...anything for the precious.
i would only attack if it meant i could have someone elses husband or if it was Arwen. God i hate that bitch.
Yes i would do my best to kill the enemy for my kindred using my pureness of heart and strong bow.
I would kill the stupid beast and enjoy it too. I could find away to trick it, hahahaha!
I have slayed more Dragons and Beasts in my time than most have seen but as old age creeps upon me....i do not know what i could do.
i would be scared, i would want my trusty friends with me to help.
I would sweet talk or rather slime talk the enemy into joining my side.
Without Master i would run of course!
What! Mhaahahah! There is no-one on the weak side that could defeat me!
No-one! No-one has the power to even get near me , and if they did i would eliminate them.

2.) What are your best qualities?
Power, Destruction and the fact that i could rule all if i wished!
Power, wisdom, destruction and leadership.
Loyalty, honesty and i have a true heart.
A slick tongue and i am cunning.
I'm a good mate and i have a good eye for food er and i'm curious.
i was brave in my youth and i also have quite a creative side, for example writing.
I can hold my drink and not to mention food. I'm quite good at causing truoble and getting away with it!
I'm good at archery, i know a great deal about nature, i have a keen eye and i am swift footed.
I'm brave and honest but i have a fault of often falling for men i can't have.
Being with the precious, the precious would never hurt me....oh no!
wise, stout, happy, brave and a match for any elf i would say.
er i'm determined and i like to have fun. Just an all rounder really.
I am wise, truthful and a leader.
i am loyal to my kin, i am strong and i will do anything to help my people.
i'm kind, understanding and hopeful.
i am a good tracker, i learn quickly, i am courageous and i know my lands well.

3.) What is your favourite thing to see?
The woods all around me, peace and freedom.
The beauty of my home.
My people...VICTORIOUS!
My friends happy, i no longer care about myself.
Caves and underground tunnels.
The precious........
Trees and woodland.
A good old pint with me mates.
Mountains...just one last time.
erm...fireworks....and food.
i like nothing.....oh yes..Eowyn!
A garden, green fields...my home.
Slaves bowing before me!
The destrution of the world..what else?

4.) Pick one word...

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