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» Quiz: What Kinda Kiss R U?
What Kinda Kiss R U?
created by sw33tninocent07

1.) Whats your fav. color?

2.) What would you rather do on a date?
Gettin in the pool/hot tub
Cuddle on the couch
Watchin porno w/ ur best friend
Looking into each others eyes at the end of the date
Laying on the beach lookin up at the stars

3.) Marriage?
No.....i got clubs to go to and drugs to do
Maybe...when the times right
Man id rather be doing my best friend
Ive gotten my heart broke too many times to even think about it
Yes, i wanna spend my life with the person i love

4.) What gifts do you prefer?
Kinky stuff and toys
Hugs N Cards
....strap ons
The card saying i miss you
A teddy bear

5.) Have you had sex?
Yes....lots of times
No im waiting for that special someone
Only with my best friend

6.) Your going on a date....where do you go?
To her house
Out to dinner then back to his place

7.) What label r u?
Just myself

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