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» Quiz: Which Good Charlotte song are you?
Which Good Charlotte song are you?
created by poison_tears

it's simple, you answer the questions, we tell you what GC song you are!

1.) What is your favorite color? (this is so original)
Black.......like poison....like dried blood. I just want to die.
Red...Like the blood of preps after I slay them.
Blue...My school color was blue. DAMN THOSE PREPS!
nothing, I hate color. My love has left me and there is nothing to strive for.
RAINBOW! Wanna partay with me?
blah blah blah

2.) If you met GC what would you do?
Who gives a shit? They're not THAT big yet.
Ask them if they wanted to help me start a mini-riot at a festival.
Declare my undying love for Joel.....I mean.......oh shit
Probably thank them for helping me through my dark times....now where is my knife?
Casually ask them for an autograph.........AND WHERE THE AFTER PARTY IS!

3.) Do people have certain expectations for you?
YES. Everybody expects me to go to university and get a good job and blah blah blah. I'm SO sick of it!
Yes, my bf/gf did. But now they're gone. (sigh)
My friend expect me to not hurt myself, although I usually let them down.
My parents expect me to get good grades. But at school the preps just beat me up and I have to ride the bus and crap.
Nah, I do whatever I freaking want to and I don't give a shit if people don't like that.

4.) What is your favorite GC song out of these?
Riot Girl, it describes me to a T. FUCK AUTHORITY!
Little Things...I know what they're talking about, I'm sick of all the preps and rich kids acting so superior to me.
Hold On. It helps me through me seriously close to death depressions.
Time after time. I can really relate to it. Plus, not many people know about it. Even though it IS the original version of Say Anything.
THE ANTHEM! I don't want to do what people tell me to. I just want to be free and do what I want and PARTY!

5.) Which GC member would you say you're most like?
Benji! He doesn't care what people think about him and usually does the oposite of what he's told.
Billy, hes more of the freak. I love comics and BLACK MAKEUP. WOOT!
Joel. I'm sort of the leader of my friends but I'm DEFINITELY the more innocent one.
Paul, I'm quiet and seem normal. People tend to not notice and overlook me.
Chris. I'm really funny and not lots of people know very much about me yet. I'm a work in progress.

6.) What band OTHER than Good Charlotte do you like?
Rancid, they kick ass.
Simple plan, they're kind of new but pretty good so far.
Slipknot. I love hardcore shit, usually depressing too.
Mandy Moore. I like her soft love songs.
Sum 41! Those party animals kick posterior!

7.) What is your opinion on moshing?
Point me out a mosh pit and I'm in there within a millasecond. Stage diving, sweat, groping, screaming, jumping. I love the WHOLE scene.
It's ok I guess. Although I haven't been in many mosh pits.
It's good to let all your thoughts drift away from you. Even better than popping pills. Maybe not as good as cutting though.
its ok I guess.
The music, the sound, the people. Gotta love it.

8.) Random questions. Pick anything you like.
Damn it! Tomorrow i have to ride that freaking bus again!
Fuck off.........Nobody cares about me anyways.
all the things we talk about you know they stay on my mind..............
I'm such a loser. A fun loser, but still a loser.

9.) what gum flavor is the best?
cinnamon, it's red and hott.
original. Can't beat the sweet bubble taste.
go the hell away.
anything sweet.
Cappuccino! It's different and coffee tasting!

10.) last question.........and it's another random one.
Finally! I thought you'd never stop this. I'm going to be late for a concert you bitch.
good. This will be the last test I EVER take.
Good, I need to get to my love.
What!? No more party? DAMN YOU BITCH!

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