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» Quiz: Which Rock Star Are You
Which Rock Star Are You
created by Axl Rose Rocks

when i say Rock Star, i DONT mean guys from nickleback or slipknot

1.) You just found out that your dad was not who you always thought it was. do you....
Change your name to that of your biological father
think, so, does that mean i'm not jewish?
you didn't react. you were too stoned to understand what was going on
Run Away
hit the person that told you
get high and write a song about it
say nothing

2.) your girlfriend just left you, do you...
right a ballad about it with lots of horns
sit on your bed and play with your snake(animal, not body part)
shoot up some heroin
go to the rainbow and get drunk
hook up with your other girlfriend, bunny
go eat
spit blood

3.) you just O.D.ed and was brought back. do you
go shoot up some more heroin
lay off the drugs for a while
you're jewish. you dont get high
go buy some beer
go sit on the bed and play with your snake( THE ANIMAL)
you go to rehab and sober up

4.) did you like this test?

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