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» Quiz: Which Female Yu-Gi-Oh! character should you date?
Which Female Yu-Gi-Oh! character should you date?
created by Hikari_Chino

1.) How would you greet your date?
slap her on the ass and say, hi babe!
kiss her on the cheek
give her the longest French kiss ever. It's all about the tongue!
ask her: have you stopped feeling depressed?

2.) In two words, how would you describe your date?
hot and mysterious
short and sweet
pretty and nice
lovely and strange

3.) What kind of gift would you give to your date?
a collar and a leash to walk her with
a cute teddy bear holding a rose
a bouquet of flowers
the most revealing piece of lingerie you could buy!

4.) You come into the bathroom to find your date taking a shower! You react by:
blushing and handing her a towel
quickly getting out of the room
stay in ther and take a peek in there occasionally
take off your clothes and jump right in!

5.) what color prom dress would your date wear?
blood red
sky blue

6.) You ask your date to try something on at a fashion store. She comes out wearing:
a bikini top and a thong!
a sexy one piece bathing suit
just a bra and underwear
either a bra OR underwear

7.) how would you describe her bust size?
almost 36 inches to the mark?
the more x's the better!
she's still got room to develop
she's in serious need of surgery

8.) Your date asks you what yopu like most about her. You respond:
the mouth
the legs, the hair, everything!
short people are soo cute!
that tongue!

9.) who would drive who to the date?
she'd drive, and look damn sexy doing it!
you'd drive; she's too young
she'd drive because you'd be drunk
Forget driving. We'd walk.

10.) What does your date do for a living?
works at a resturant
oversees exhibits
she's too young to work
works at a casino

11.) where would you go on a honeymoon with your date?
honolulu, hawaii
the best ski resort ever!
the nearest asylum
lock us up in a closet and we'll make our own honeymoon!

12.) If you and your date were sitting by a fireplace at night, what sweet talk would you whisper to her ear?
why don't we go upstairs and have some fun?
why don't you move a little closer?
you are soo cute i just wanna hug you!
have you ever wanted to kill yourself?
Have you seen the guillitine lately?

13.) and finally, who would you kill if he was with your date?

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