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» Quiz: What Pink Floyd Song Are You?
What Pink Floyd Song Are You?
created by jeune x convoitise

Ever wonder what Pink Floyd you are?

1.) (The Infamous Color Question that has nothing to do with this quiz) What's your favorite color?
Colors? I can't choose...I just miss someone so much.
Gold and Black
Red and Black
I dunno...I have a feeling I'm far too angsty to do this quiz. Bleh.

2.) How are you feeling?
Angsty...What's the point of this quiz again?
Hmmm, I can't feel anything right now...Pretty numb actually.
I'm feeling quite horny...(As if I really wanted to know)
Man, I hate school...it really sucks. All that homework and the teachers.
Ummm, how many more questions are there? I really have some place to go.
Sad. Lonely. Depressed. Quite emo-licious. I wish he/she was here.
Scared. Paranoid.
Rich. I think I'll buy you a better quiz, 'cause I'm so rich that I'll buy this quiz out. Care for some caviar?

3.) What's the MOST important thing to you?
The opposite gender...of course!
Time! Geez, get this stupid quiz over with!
My phone...
Tormenting my teachers...muah ha ha
Eh...I dunno.
My significant other...did I tell you that I wish he/she was here?
My computer or any other appliance of mine.
The ill bills yo. I like a little ching ching with a bling bling.

4.) What object do you like out of the following...
I like ships!
I like clocks...they're pretty cool...-tick tock tick-
Meat...and pudding too!
I like things...-grin-
Machines....they're cool. I like technology.
Fishbowls...fishies are sooo adorable. My friend gave me fishes before.
Coins. Bills. Any form of currency is good for me.
I dunno. Is angst an object?

5.) (I should've asked this question earlier...) Do you even like Pink Floyd?
I don't have the time to listen to music...especially rock music. Psh.
Yeah! I love 'em....I'm listening to them on my computer!
With all the money I have, I'd give 'em a record deal.
Hey! They sing that song not needing education! I heard it in an assembly one time! AWESOME!
Yeah, I like 'em....they're pretty cool.
What? I was busy with my boy/girlfriend!
Hmmm....I miss him/her sooo much!
They're pretty good....-shrug-

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