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» Quiz: What animal are you? Please find out!
What animal are you? Please find out!
created by horsesarecool05

Find out what animal you are with this detailed quiz. With 10 results, this quiz will be bound to make you shake your tail!

1.) What are you? Carnivore, Herbivore, Insectivore, or Omnivore?
Omnivore- Grass and meat
All of em- grass, mice, flies, stuff like dat
Herbivore all the way!
All of them- meat, bugs, fruit, whatever I can find.
Herbivore and Insectivore- bugs are yummy and so are plants
Herbivore- maybe sometimes I'll swallow a fly or 2
Omnivore- chips and cookies and occasional brussel sprouts

2.) As an animal what would you do if ypu saw a human?
Fly away
Run up to it and lick it's face!
Stay where I am unless it's near me
Rear and gallop if I was wild and Trot up to it if I was tamed.
Growl and if it comes closer, BITE IT!
Stand up on hind legs and roar
Run away and maybe bite it so it gets rabies!
Howl at it then swing into another tree
Keep on eating

3.) How do you get around?
Flying or walking
Running and walking
I don;t get around
Walk, trot, canter, gallop
Walking or running
Walking sometimes running
trotting along or running
Swing from tree to tree!
Keep eating
Walking jogging or running

4.) Any hobbies?
Flying and showing off how I can fly
Catching frisbees with my mouth and agility shows, sometimes beauty shows
Licking myelf and staring out the window, catching the occasional mouse ti make the mistress scream...that's always fun
Racing, dressage, jumping, rodeo, almost anyhthing!
I hunt...that's it
Search for food and hibernate
Get into people's garbage
Swinging and hanging...showing off
Keep eating

5.) What ound do you make?
tweet tweet
ruff woof
meow purr hiss
whinny snort
growl, howl
Hoo, hoo, ha, ha, ha, ha
moo (keep eating)

6.) Claws, feet, paws, or hooves?
claws on stick legs
paws, and claws
paws, claws if I didn't get them trmmed or declawed
delicate shiny hooves
paws with sharp claws
huge paws with long claws
feet that look like human hands sort of
chipped dirty hooves

7.) Social or Not?
Social- big family that soon leaves me
Social- lots of friends
Not- I like my own time
Social- We love to run and play!
Social- a big hunting pack
Not- My own hunting time
Social- I like to bug my family and friends!
Uhh...I don't know Social?
Both! It depends...we are all different!

8.) Color?
blue, green, brown, black
gold, black, brown
Striped, gold, black, white
Palomino, Tovero, bay, white
gray, black, white
brown or black
black, white
brown or black
black and white
black, white, or tan

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