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» Quiz: what genre of music are you?
what genre of music are you?
created by Nyx

if you were a genre of music, which one would you be?

1.) First of all. which bands, of the following, do you like most?
Rolling Stones, Ac/Dc, Alice Cooper, Papa Roach, Limp Biscuit.
Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Mammas and the Pappas, America, The Eagles.
Dream Theater, Korn, Stratovarious, Static X, Metalica
Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Cradle of filth, Dimmu Borgir, Dying Fetus.
Britney Spears, Christina Agulara, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Fefe Dobson, Hillary Duff, Beyonce
Sum 41, Simple plan, New Found Glory.
The Rammones, The Clash, Bad Religion, The Distillers, Antiflag.
Bach, Behtoven ect...
i like a variety of bands, some of which are named here, and some of which you are not cool enough . you know nothing about real music
No doubt, Aphex Twin, Beck, gomez

2.) Out of the Following song lyrics, which do you relate to most?
" every stop is neatly planned for a poet and a one man band..."
"you! shook me all night long..."
"the kiss of judas, i feel the lips on my cheek, the kiss of judas, hold me once again"
"i wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound i want to push my face in and feel the swoon"
"dear diary, today i met a bow, and i wondered if he noticed me"
" im a dick, im adicted to you"
"i dont wanna die i dont wanna kill. we all are himans, lets start to prove it"
yoiu've got me feelin hella good so lets just keep on dancing
none of these lyrics are realatable to me. i like more than one of these selections.

3.) If you were walking down your highschool hallway with your friends, what would be most likely the topic of confersation?
a concert recently attended
how rock isnt as good as it was in the 70's
how long it has been since i got a hair cut
how all the stupid preps should go belly up and die.
simple plan at the warped tour!
brittney spears as a role model
the cheapest place to get studs or / politics
new places to get groovy threads
debating weather or not behtoven was realy poisoned
random things, anything really.

4.) A compliment to you would be?
its good to see the seventies still rock on!
i like that you dont care what people think.
it looks like you just rolled out of bed thismorning
your creeping me out. freak
you look soo much like britney spears
thats a punked out style you have going on
so your the guy/girl who egged my house. it took me forever to clean that up....
your so new aged
you look like a woman/man streight our of the 19th century
your so unique

5.) ohkay. now opposites. What would be the Worst comment any one yould say to you?
your trying too hard.
looks like your trapped in a time warp. hgt over it.
your so punked out
you look fat in that dress
simple plan is not punk, and niether are you
you look like your trying to pose avril lavigne
you lok like your on welfare.
your depressing me.
you just posing everyone else.
you've taken Avril lavignes style too far.

6.) In basic conversation with a stranger, what are they most likely to say or notice about you?
"your so unique."
my wildly cut hair.
"your so 70's rock"
they would notice i have class
they would notice my groovy and funkey wardobe of coarse :P
"wow, you have long hair"
they would notice my 2 foot mohawk and my studded leather jacket.
my satanistic pendant would scare them off so they wouldnt even talk to me
they would notice my simple plan outfit, becuase i would point it out to them.. i LURV simple plan
well.. hopefully they would notice how hott i am :>

7.) im sorry.. i have to ask... what is your favorite colour?
something bols, like red.
something mellow, like yello, or blue.
i like darker colours like black, dark blue, grey and such
Black, like my heart, or deep crimson red
bright colours like pink and yellow and orange. i love bright colours. they make me feel happy
pink and black together
black and red or green. doesnt matter
pink is cool
ivory and browns
i like alot of colours.. its so hard to pick just one

8.) you shop most often where?
anywhere really. if they have cool stuff i will check it out
anywhere i can get simple jeans and a t-shirt
i shop around. concerts, sally ann, anywhere i can find what im looking for
i dont usually go shopping, and when i do, i go to little known shops in my area
Bootlegger, bluenotes, the gap. anywhere i can get the stuff that is IN
hot topic, anywhere i can find manic panic hair dye
i go to alot of thrift stores
all these wicked new age stores in the city or near where i live.
anywhere, does it really matter? i go where i find things i like.
i like classy stores like suzy shier

9.) one last question. you would describe yourslef as???
dark and dreary
a seventies baby

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