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» Quiz: What do you love about making love?
What do you love about making love?
created by An0ther_Brick

Find out what you really desire when in the arms of another. (gorgeous pictures)

1.) What do you look for in a gf/bf?
Must be good looking..cant be fat or ugly...yes, im shallow, get over it. so is everyone else. they just wont admit it. pffft
Must be exciting and spontaneous.
Must be emotional/unafraid to show emotions.
Must accept me and love me for who I am.
Has to know his/her way around the bed. *wink-wink*nudge-nudge*
Likes to cuddle...lots of skin contact ;-)

2.) What is your favorite fruit?
Cherries - Its fun to make knots out of the stems with my tongue.
Strawberries - Maybe with a little whipped cream for some extra fun.
Peaches - so tender and juicy. Yummm!
Kiwi - mmmmm! sour. wee!
Pears - There is just something about pears...
Grapes - I like to throw them in the air and catch them in my mouth. hehe

3.) What is your idea of a perfect date?
Walk on the beach under the stars making out with the wind blowing in our faces.
Laying around cuddling and watching movies. Maybe a home made dinner.
A weekend in bed with the phones off and doors locked ;-)
Dinner in a restaurant and maybe a movie.
Shopping around and just hanging out.
Something exciting and unforgetable!

4.) What is your favorite sex position?
Missionary - (guy on top) - plain, simple, and natural.
Doggy style - nothing too complicated but lots of fun!
Anything simple and that can be done almost fully clothed..you know....for quickies in wierd places ;-)
Butterfly - A bit of stretching involved but intimate
Cowgirl - (girl on top) - lots of looking and touching, teehee
Anything with alot of body contact.

5.) Where is your ideal place to have sex?
Anywhere exciting and new - something to get that adrenaline rush!
Somewhere that we can be alone and feel comfortable.
Anywhere as long as its with someone special.
Maybe on the beach at night under the stars. something romantic like that.
Anywhere as long as he/she knows what they're doing ;-)
Somewhere that I can just hang out after.
In a bed.....? where else?
In the park....in the bushes...scaring little children that run stray. hehe!

6.) What is your favorite color?
Red - The color of passion
Deep violet - Strong and lustfull.
Yellow - Warm and welcoming
Green - Natural
Blue - Matches my favorite shirt! hehe!
Orange - Extravagant - whoot!
Grey- tender

7.) What is your favorite sign of affection?
Soft kisses
Making out like crazy, of course!
Playing footsie!
Holding hands
Looking into each other's eyes.
Giving/getting a massage.

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