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» Quiz: Which InuYasha Character are You?
Which InuYasha Character are You?
created by Mijit_Freak

Are you a lecherous monk? Evil villain? Or maybe a powerful priestess hell-bent on revenge? Find out now!

1.) In times of danger, you will be...
a fearless fighter.
constantly calling your lover's name, yet doing nothing to save them.
the cause of the danger.
groping one of your female companions.
there to help if it's needed.
hiding in the bushes.
nowhere in sight. That's not really you fighting..just a look-alike. Foolish people...
..the danger.

2.) How do you react when you receive a compliment from the person you like?
You scoff and shrug it off, but then wonder about it later.
You blush and wonder if they meant it.
You have slaves. Who cares about compliments?
Do you mean before or after the grope?
You prefer to be alone.
You wonder if it's a trick of some sort. Can you really believe them?
Grope them.
You're so cute that you're used to receiving compliments..all the time!

3.) Your pastime includes..
checking out the scenery..er..women.
returning home to check up on everyone.
eating candy.
resting or preparing for the next battle.
scheming..or just laughing maniacally.
stealing souls. Why not? There's nothing else to do.
worrying about homework and your love life.
..wondering why you have a pastime. Aren't there people out to get you?

4.) What do you have to say about this test?
It's useless..like you.
Do I win candy?
That doesn't matter. Will you bear my child?
I shall destroy the creator and make them my puppet..
Waah? This was a test?!
I'm sure it will contribute to my knowledge and help me understand myself.. or something like that.
Nothing..and you disappear off into the night.

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