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» Quiz: Do you give a fuck?
Do you give a fuck?
created by UglyAsIAm

1.) When something bad happens to you how do you respond?
I beat up who ever hurt me
I cry a little, then do something to make me feel better
I grit my teeth and get over it, there's nothing I can do about it so why waste my time crying about it.
I cut myself, im a cutter dude, im cooool

2.) When someone is moaning in pain what's the first thought that goes through your head?
OMG! Is he okay?
I wish he'd shut up
Someone should really help him...

3.) Your friend starts crying because of something you said, you
apologize, you didn't mean to make them cry, and you feel bad about it
Tell them to get over it, you were just joking, you didn't mean to upset them
appologize, but secretly don't care that you made them cry, its their fault they're so sensitive.

4.) You get into a fight with someone over something stupid, you
Feel bad about it and apologize
Feel bad about it, but dont tell them so
Don't care, so what you hit em? Its not like they'll never recover. Besides, they started it.

5.) You're friend dares you to do something mean to someone else, you
Don't want to do it, why cause someone pain?
Do it, it may hurt someone but your friends will think you're cool for doing it.
Do it, they should know better than to trust you anyways, you're a certifiable asshole

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