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» Quiz: What's Your Ideal Horse?
What's Your Ideal Horse?
created by Fain Sadi

Which breed of horse matches your strengths and weaknesses?

1.) What is the point of horse ownership?
Harmony between the perfect horse and rider combination.
The respect it gains you.
Whatever you want it to be.
To make and show off money.
The tradition.
To be free.
To enjoy yourself and nature.

2.) What is your riding style?
Calm, collected and perfect.
Fast and free.
Ambling along.
I don't ride, I watch others ride my horse.
Sometimes calm, sometimes wild...depends on my mood.
Whatever way I am told. I don't question, merely follow my trainer's advise. That's what they're paid for.
The way my horse and all of its ancestors have been trained. Why break tradition?

3.) How bonded should a horse and owner be?
Close enough that the owner barely needs to signal before the horse responds.
Aloof but dependent.
So attached that both are depressed while parting.
Bond? The only bond a horse brings is between rich friends.
Aloof but attached.
As bonded as tradition allows.

4.) What is your horses background?
Nothing but perfectly cleaned stalls, the best tack and training.
Who cares? He/She's the best. Her/His background doesn't matter.
Only the best trainers and breeding. My country club friends would scorn anything else.
Imported from the best training barn in Europe and hand selected by your trainer. He's a carbon copy of every other horse in the barn.
He/She has lines that can be traced back to the first in the breed. Don't ever doubt it's lineage!

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