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» Quiz: Do You like riding western or english better?
Do You like riding western or english better?
created by wildcowgirl90

This quiz is to determine if you like riding western or english better. so go ahead and take this quis!!!

1.) do you like to barrel race better than jumping?
yes i do
no, i have never barrel raced
i like to jump and barrel race
yes!!!!! i LOVE to barrel race

2.) Do you like to have your stirrups REALLY high when your riding western?
oh yeah! i
no i have ny stirrups really long....cowboy style! yeee haw!
i dont change the lenght of the stirrups, i just leave them

3.) Do you wear your cowboy boots (western boots) alot?
yes i wear them every time i ride!
no i wear my western boots when i ride western. and my english boots wehn i ride english

4.) do you think english riders are stupid and snotty/brats/rich kids/b!tches?
NO!, i ride engilsh!!!
YEAH!!! stupid little rich kids!
i think english riders and western riders are the same
i really dont care about this question

5.) do you think western saddles are more
ummmmm duh!!!!
no english saddles and western saddles are the same

6.) which one do you think is easier to ride in?
it depends how good of a rider you are

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