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» Quiz: how easy are you?
how easy are you?
created by teddyomnicon

are your pants harder to get into then a french corset, or are you easier then kindergarten english class?

1.) what is the farthest youve ever gone?
lip kiss
french kiss
touchy touchy feely feely
there's a limit?

2.) are you a virgin?
yes, i'm also 45 and bald
yes, but if you wanna come over and study....
nope, but im still kinda new at it...
i was 12 she was 17....
i was 17, he was 12.....
i think i'll die with it...

3.) what you favorite colour? (common but important)

4.) were you abused as a child
i abused as a child
my daddy taught me everything i know
no thats wierd
yep, but i turned out ok....NO DADDY DONT HIT ME LIKE THAT!
nope, im kinda normal... now git down on you're knees and do as i tell you!

5.) how easy do you think you are?
not, i am a well adjusted, perfectly normal human being...
i could play harder to get...but i wont..
im having sex wiht my lit. peressor right now, can i get back to you with that?
im horny, wanna have sex? no? oral? no? finger fun? no? :'( ok ill go masturbate instead...

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