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» Quiz: What kind of teen are you?
What kind of teen are you?
created by otaku-chan-san-ni

Are you a punk? Nerd? Prep? Maybe you don't even know! This quiz may give you an idea of who you are-or at least what other people think you are. (This is quite stereotypical.)

1.) What kind of music do you like?
Pop-like Britney Spears!
Rock and Roll, or just Rock
Evanescense, or sometimes classical music.
Pop. Rap. Rock. Classical. Whatever is on the radio!
Something with a fast beat that I can work out or play to.
Pop! 'No, rock!' This is my quiz! You keep out of it! 'Shaa...' Nevermind. Go right ahead...*shrinks*

2.) What do you do in your free time?
Practice for the upcoming game.
Play on the computer.
Shopping! Dating! And more shopping!
Hang out with my friends.
Go to the skatepark.
Try to get the exorcist to come back! It's too crowded here!
Don't click this one. I messed up.

3.) What are your friends like?
Skateboarders. Druggies. A pyro here or there.
My cheerleading squad!
The rest of the football team.
Just like me!
I don't have any friends. People are afraid of me. I didn't even do anything! There is this one person-but that person is not my friend!
My computer is my buddy. My books are my pals.
I don't have any friends. Everyone hates me. I'm so lonely.

4.) What was the worst thing you ever did?
I BROKE MY NAIL!! sob sob sob
My sins have been forgiven. I will not discuss them with you.
I've lied to my parents a few times.
I cut myself. Is that bad?
'KILL!!' No! No more killing! Make it stop! 'KILL! TORTURE! DESTROY! WHA HA HA!!!'
The team lost the game cause of ME.
I dropped my books in a puddle and got them wet!! I swear on Einsteins grave-it will never happen again!

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