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» Quiz: What Dragonlance series character are you?
What Dragonlance series character are you?
created by Lady_of_Minis_Tirith

1.) How would you describe yourself?
Beautiful but deadly
Beautiful just beautiful
Bastard Half Elf
Big and strong
young and to powerful
small and mighty
trouble maker
What's my name again?

2.) What is your preferred weapon?
My beauty
My dragon
Big sword
Staff of Magis
Battle axe
hoopak staff
ratty old staff

3.) What is your favorite color?
Pink of course
Red like my robes
I don't have a favorite color
Anything bright and cheery
gray and old looking just like me

4.) What would your animal companion be?
Kitty cat
Dragon...a big black dragon
Draft Horse
I don't like animals
Anything that won't try to eat me
OOOO!!! How about a wvryn??? Yea!! I think a Wvryn
Golden Dragon

5.) Are you good or evil??
I am known as The Golden General so you take a guess if I'm good or evil
EVIL!!!!! I am the one who created EVIL!!!
Well... both
Whatever my girlfriend is.
I am in between good and evil
I am a good dwarf i sware
Good but i think it would be interesting to be evil
I am nothing because I am sorta dead

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