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» Quiz: What horse breed are you?
What horse breed are you?
created by Showstoppers

1.) You are being ridden and your rider whips you on the butt whith her whip and you...
Buck and Continue galloping full blast into the forest.
Flinch and then continue working for her.
Colapse because you cannot support her wait any longer.

2.) What do you get fed?
The average gross mash.
Yummy oats and Barly
Special warm mash that helps me digest it is really good

3.) One night you spot a cougar heading towards your pen you...
Dodge it head on sending it flying acroos the pasture
Call your friend and ask for help
Panic and Scream in horror.

4.) A group of young kids comes to visit and you...
Look at the scrawny things reaching at your nose and then lose interest.
Let them pet you.
Walk up to them and let them maul you to sleep

5.) you take an...
Late Intermediate to Experienced rider
Begginer to intermediate rider
I only get ridden on rare occasians by little kids.

6.) You are at a horse show and ...
you steal the show with your beauty and take first place.
Win alot of the classes since you are so well behaved.
Win most of the classes because of your comformatian and cuteness.

7.) Do you have a boy friend?
Yes. And he is tall and Elegant. Oooh how handsome.
Yeah hes cute

8.) What is your favorite thing to do?
Enjoy my owner.

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