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» Quiz: what type of dog are you
what type of dog are you (with pics)
created by crazy_cat

if you want to know what type of dog you are then you have come the the right plase

1.) what color do you like best
blue or red
black or red or silver
i like all kinds of colors
i like blood red
i like brown and white
i like perle
umm i dont have one
i really dont know oh and by the way your quiz sucks

2.) are you a hard worker or do yo lay around all day or do you just do stuff on comand
i am lazy very lazy
i work hard and never step out of line
only when i am told
nope nothing i just beg for food
i work sometimes
i love to please and do what i am told
no i would kill someone before i would ever work
i am a couch patato
i like to hunt
umm it depends

3.) do you help other people out if they are in need or do you just sit there and ignore them
yes i am always there
no no no neer
only if i have to
yes always but only if they pay me
no i am to speicle for that
no i am to small and cute
yes i am hiper
well i am lazy but i guess with thes mussle

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