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» Quiz: Are you cool or not?
Are you cool or not?
created by HamsterOfBillys

A cool or not quiz. Please don't get offended by this. It's just for fun.

1.) Do you like rap?
NO!! I hate it!
It's okay. I like all music.

2.) Do you like rock music?
YEAH! Rock is my favorite music. I love it!!
It's okay. I like all music.
Ahhh! Rock is scary! I hate it! (I hope none of you click this)

3.) Do you like tattoos and piercings?
Yeah! I think they are awesome! I have tons or I'm gonna have tons!
Ehh...they're okay. I'll probably get a small tattoo or 2 when I'm older.
Ewww. Those ruin your skin and they are so ugly! (Ahhh! Don't click that!)

4.) Do you like to dye your hair a lot?
Yeah! All the time!
Ewww. No!
I don't dye my hair all that much. But maybe once a year or so.

5.) Did you like this quiz?????? (Say yes and your score will go up)
YEAH! I loved it!
It was okay.
NO WAY! It sucked monkey balls.

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