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» Quiz: Which famous female action star are you?
Which famous female action star are you?
created by Scheherazade

w00t... They're sexy, young, beautiful- and most of them have large... intellects. Find out which one you are!

1.) What is the meanest taunt you've ever heard directed towards you?
"Hey, try to catch me... If your heaving chest doesn't bounce up and knock you out!"
"Ooh, why don't you throw a joint at me, you loser hippie?"
"Hey, why don't you go read a good book?"
"I heard that being sad is in, but you're going overboard."
"You are NOT the president.

2.) What is your fighting style?
Run in with guns... KILL 'EM ALL!
I don't kill... I just use my amazing powers to restrain until the proper authorities arrive.
Oh gosh! I don't fight... I stand and record everything while my boyfriend kicks the everlasting crap out of the bad guys.
Mmm, I like pretending to be people I'm not.
BOMBS! And nukes. I have my own army of hapless young men... Sometimes I --do-- things to them.

3.) What do you look like?
Er, I don't know what I look like, as my enormous tits block the mirror...
I'm lovely in a retro way. In fact, I was Miss America at one point!
I look a little mousy, but ungodly gorgeous, I'll admit...
It's really hard to tell as my appearance changes often.
I'm sexy... I look hot in a suit, and I have beautiful eyes.

4.) What/who do you love?
Mmm, I love action and archaeology!
I love justice.
I love sex in phone booths. Er, I mean... Writing. Yeah, definitely... Journalism.
Unattainable men...
War! I'm a real ball-buster, you could say.

5.) For what do you fight?
For history and for knowledge and artifacts of the past!
Justice! And truth! And AMERICA!
I told you, I don't fight. But if I had to... Information. Censorship sucks!
My master... And sometimes... For the man I wish loved me.
Fame, fortune, the admiration of young women. What can I say?

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