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» Quiz: Are you a mage, fighter or agnostic?
Are you a mage, fighter or agnostic?
created by synthesized_darkness

Discover your inner nature, whatever it is.

1.) You are replaxing in the woods, when you are attacked by a zombie. What do you do?
Draw your sword and slice it to pieces
Use a light ability to banish it.
Turn on the volume on your CD player.

2.) If you had one ability, what would it be?
To smash the shit outta my enemies!
To sleep all day
To bend the elements to my will
Can I leave?

3.) If you were lost in the forest, what would you rather have?
A nice, trusty lighter
Nothing, I don't get lost
Fire magic

4.) You can't sleep, what do you do?
Raid mom's stash of Tylenol PM
Watch porn until I fall alseep
Use sleep magic on myself
Nothing, I don't like to sleep

5.) What's your ideal weapon?
Shut up fag face
Powerful enhancers, so I can use magic
The best damn submachine gun I can buy

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