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» Quiz: which country do you belong in
which country do you belong in
created by Legodarded

are you an Aussie surfer babe or an Irish Bombshell, Should you live in Canada near the snow or New Zealand with the sheep.

1.) Where would you like to spend most your time?
The Museum
The Snow
The Bar
The Mall
The Farm

2.) If you where given 20,000 dollars what would you buy
Bikini or Board Shorts
A ticket out of here
a round of beer for everyone
A ticket to the bull fighting

3.) A girl/Guy comes up to you and suggests his house, what do you say.
Sure why not
Can my friends come
will anyone else be there
Do i know you fool?
OK, but nothing will happen bud
is there a 6 pack and some whipped cream there?

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