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» Quiz: Which DnD class are you?
Which DnD class are you?
created by Tijn

Which class of the 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons are you?

1.) To start of with: What is your favorite set of weapons?
My trusty double broad axe will do.
A rapier
A mace I received from my temple.
I like to use a Longbow. Only if it's made of wood offcourse
My longsword and shield I received to serve my king
I use my bare hands and feet and legs and arms and head and.....
The sword which runs in my family for years.
I like to use two swords or a bow.
A dagger dripping with poison or a garotte; simple, yet efective.
A spear. and then throw some spells at him.
a quarterstaff and spellbook are my weapons.

2.) How will you engage your enemy?
Split his head open with my axe, so his brains will fall out.
I will hum a song and dodge their attacks while I pinch them with my rapier.
I will call upon the help of my deity. He will give me strenght.
Me and my animal companian will rip im to shreds.
Scan the situation and use strategic manouvres to kill my foe.
beat the crap out of him
I will do whatever it takes to destroy all evil in the world.
If someone treathens my territory I will shoot him down to weaken him and then finish it with my two swords.
Stab him in the back.
Start throwing spells at him.
Seek shelter behind the fighter and then throw him with spells.

3.) Describe yourself:
Impulsive and quick to anger
Talented and Cheerfull
dedicated and helpfull
mysterious but with hidden capacity.
Honourfull and Strong
Disciplined and protecting
Determined and Lawful
Cunning and Quick
sneaky and quiet
Charismatic and smart
Wise and powerful

4.) What's your goal in life?
Fighting, sleeping, eating and some more fighting.
To travel to many places and entertain people
Help others in name of my god,
Care for animals
To gain Honour.
To achieve purity of my body
To destroy all evil!
Protect my home.
To gain wealth, no matter how.
I would like to kick the butts of those who bullied me when I was young.
To increase my knowledge

5.) Sorry for this one: What;s your favorite colour.
Blood Red
Bright colours, like yellow
Light blue
Dark blue

6.) What do you enjoy in your spare time?
drinking beer and feasting.
Making music
Go to church
PLay with animals
Do sport
Meditate or yoga
Take a walk through the park
Watch a move or play a game.
Read a book

7.) Which animal appeals most to you?
Wolf or Dog

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