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» Quiz: Which Peter Pan character are you most like?
Which Peter Pan character are you most like?
created by Jinx

1.) If you were faced with having to kill someone, what would you most likely say?
Hell YES!!!
Is it a Pirate?!?!
Most certainly not!
I'll shoot the bird down!
My brother and I are English gentlemen. English gentlemen do not Kill!
Yeah! what he said!
:Mutters about stupid yanks and their beastly killing methods in native tongue:

2.) IF you were on a pirate ship what would you do?
Find the captain and kill him!
Order these scabbars dogs to clean the poop deck of course! Poopy deck that is!
A Pirate WHAT!?!?!?!
Kids...... Such imagination! No such thing as a pirate ship! Honestly!
OH bother!
I'll help the captain of this, er , fine ship to kill the Wendy bird that MY Peter has, :sniffle: taken a rather nasty liking to. GRRRR!!!!
Jump off of course (well not before I get some of me treasure!)

3.) Who do you think that you are most like?
The twins
Mr. Darling
Mrs. Darling
Tiger Lily
Nana.... Woof! bow-e-wow-e-woof-woof! Meow!
Character?! Me of course!
That gorgeous glittering blonde haired Tinkerbell..... :Grin:
My wonderful captain.... :Shudder: No, Smee! NO! YES! NO! YES! Yes, definetly Smee.
The English gent 'o course
What he said!

4.) Which would you rather be?
The boy who never wanted to grow up
A Lost boy!
Pirate Captain of course you bloody do-gooder!
Indian Princess
A Dog! WOOF WOOF! Bow-e-wow-e-woof-woof!
A dark and mischevious Mermaid!
An English Gent!

5.) Which color do you prefere more?
Dark Blue
Bright Green/ Yellow

6.) Do you have feeling?
NO! I don't want to worry about feelings!

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