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» Quiz: can you make me finger myself? (bi lez girlz only)
can you make me finger myself? (bi lez girlz only)
created by i_want_sum

stop reading and do the quiz!

1.) We are dancing at a club when i grab your hand and lead you to an empty corner. What do you do?
Let me take you. You wonder what im dong though...
You start to twist your arms around me and finger me...
pull away your hand. you ae not in the mood for anthing, you just want to go home. you were just leaving...
finger yourself

2.) I put my leg over your hip and rub my body up and down you.
You pull off my leg and say your'e going home...
You stick your finger into me and feel my tits.
You hold my ass and shove you tits in my face and wonder what i'll do next
You grab my ass and make out
You strip me naked like THAT, and put on a show for all the other girls.

3.) After a few minutes like this, i lead you to a room above the club, so we can still hear the beat of the music. I take my top and bra off and sit by your legs, mine open. You realize im not wearing any pants. I rub my tits in your face, and put my nipples in your mouth...
you get soaked, and suck my tits and finger me
You give me a disgusted look and try to get me off and get out...
You strip and take my skirt off. We rub together and lick and suck and squeeze and stick our fingers in as far as they go...
You stare at me fingering yourself
You eat me out like ive never been eaten out before yummy :)

4.) We are both naked and i am stroking your thigh, pinning you against the wall. My hand slides to the wall pressing a button on the wall. A panel slides back, revealing a room full of every sex toy ever made and two groups of girls, all naked, a group of 5 and a group of 3, all moaning and doing un imaginable things to each other...
you try to kill yourself, or run
you get to work, doing anything you can think of
you stare, fingering yourself
you run in and examine everything, then use it on me

5.) i lead you in, and lie on a big bean bag, my legs open, waiting. a girl emerges out of the bigger group, and licks me all over, licks me out and makes out with me. and you are...
fingering yourself watching us
diving into one of the groups and shagging hardcore
trying to get the other girl off and trying to fuck ME hardcore
fingering me and the other girl, and sucking her tits.

6.) i stop you and draw out a table with all the girls name on it. it tells who fucks who as who fucks who and when...
your already following the chart...
you stare at the chart and everyone there....and finger yourself

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