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» Quiz: Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Cast Member are you? (pics!)
Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Cast Member are you? (pics!)
created by XoCrazyCutieXo

Have you wondered if you are most like Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, or Phoebe? Find out now!!!

1.) Which description best fits who you are---??
I'm smart and intelligent, kind of a dork, but charming also
Kinda crazy, but so lovable!
I love telling jokes and people love laughing with me!
I can be kinda pshyco sometimes but I like keeping everyone happy
I love the ladies/guys and also food
I love shopping and hanging out with friends

2.) What best describes what happened in your childhood growing up??
I was very spoiled and daddy got me anything I wanted!
I was overweight and made fun of
I had a very troubled childhood and there were many difficulties and problems in my life
I grew up pretty normally, just like your average girl/guy
My parents got divorced and I began to hate some of the great things in life
I was loved by my family as a Medical Marvel

3.) How do you stand with relationships?
I am with a different guy/girl every week!
I've kissed about 4 or 5 girls/guys
Ummm.....many wifes....many divorces
I'm hot, and after getting surgery I'm just going after the guys
I date older men and I just love dating
I date a wide variety!

4.) What is the one thing that you can not live without---??
My guitar, I love music
My sponge for some cleaning
My Credit Cards!!
Books, I love reading
My Lounge Chair--ah so comfy

5.) What is one of your secrets that no one knows about?? (or what you think is closest to that secret)
Sleeping with someone on the first date
That I tried to save food before my friend
When I was young, I was so hungry that I ate fake food! Whoops!
That I kissed someone of the oppisite sex by accident
That I was married to someone who was gay when I wasn't gay
That I took a crap in my pants on Space Mountain at Disneyland

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