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» Quiz: Which Cowboy Bebop Character are you?
Which Cowboy Bebop Character are you?
created by Ollie the magic Hobo

The name says it all :)

1.) Ok, let's get this quiz started.
Hurry up
I'm hungry
Why am I here?
Ok then. Begin
Woopdy Doo mr man!
Stop stalling. Get to the point

2.) Look money!
Oh is there now?
Golden thingys make me smile
Ooh! Is it real? Tell me money, are you real? Hmm?
Looks around for money. Says nothing

3.) The bad guy gets killed. Do you...
Moan about not having enough food
not give a damn
You are far away and therefore you care less than before
You faint
You cry

4.) There's a gun at your head. Your response
You smile
You stare into the gun
You slash the bad guy's ankes
You cock your head to one side
You laugh
You faint. Again.

5.) Time to go. byebye :D
See you space cowboy
Why are you going off just to get killed?
Well g'bye
Leave me

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