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» Quiz: Which Napolean Dynamite Character are you?
Which Napolean Dynamite Character are you?
created by josiahcanz

1.) Which animal do you love?

2.) What do you do in your free time?
Listen to pumpin beats
Hang out with your family
Get viruses
Ask Questions

3.) Who do you have?
One lover, and some family is all you have
You have a cool family, that doesnt like your decisions
You have one true friend, and a couple of bullies
You are an outcast but have a couple of friends
You are very popular
All you have is family and a chinese girlfriend

4.) What is your fav. hooby, is obvious, but gets to the point....
Chat Online with Babes all day and eat nachos while watching commercials for rec centers
Dress Tacky and make your lover a pimp
Take photos
Hook up with chicks
Play football/sports

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