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» Quiz: Magic Color
Magic Color
created by night_wing_2002

This will describe your magic guidelines on gaia

1.) First off, whats your favorite color?
(none preferred)

2.) How do like to dispatch your enemies?
I curse them, whip them and cause them pain with powers of darkness. Then I consume their soul, muahahahaha!
I burn them...simple as that
I protect myself until the oppurtunity arises
I drown them, or crush them with a tidal wave
I like to crush them with stones trees, and animals even
They'll be a little jumpy afterwards, and possibly have the ability to light a lightbuld with their nose o.O
Sandstorms, insects that bite, windy maelstroms, its all good
Freeze 'em, spike 'em and them let 'em die alone in the cold
I'll do whatever I can to beat them, it doesnt matter what I use

3.) What body-build is your character?
A dark shadowy figure, my body isnt really public so you'll have to guess until you're dead
moderate, but I tend to use strength
Im skimpy, so I rely on my powerful magic
A little big, slightly stringy...perfect for swimming
Big....just mussle-bound brute, that has a reputation for kicking ass
Light-frame with good magic skill, destructive skills. stealthy with a pinch of speed
Fast, light and fast...you rely on hit and run tactics usually
moderate...relying on your speed and acrobatics rather than strength
Im not really any of these...

4.) Why are you joining the guild?
To kill and conquest, what else is a guild for?
To destroy and burn everything to the ground
To protect those who need it
To support my cause
To bring order to all that I see, but in my own way -mischievious grin-
Im bored
For power
So that I can freeze stuff and have people to back me up -innocent look-
I have my own reasons, whether it to be stronger or faster, I will succeed

5.) What allignment are you personally? (good or evil)
Evil as fuck, and proud
Good, pure
Neutral...as long as I'm happy
Order..tend to be good...but not all the time
Good, with a darker side
Evil, merciless...
Neutral...hardly ever take sides unless its completely necessary
My allignment changes all the time.

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