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» Quiz: Which Hottie Gotti is for YOU?
Which Hottie Gotti is for YOU?
created by sdgirl88

1.) Would you describe yourself as....
the girl next-store
Paris Hilton
Funny, outgoing girl with an awesome personality

2.) What do you drive or want to drive?
Lincoln Navigator
BMW 5 Series

3.) What kind of guy do you typically go out with?
The Player
The Funny One
Someone who spends more time in the mirror than you

4.) If you were going to spend a night with boyfriend, what would you wanna do?
Stay home and watch your favorite movies
Go shot some hoops

5.) What scent do YOU prefer?
Maybe its just the bottle but I'm gunna say Jean Paul Gaultier
Diesal - Something rough and tough yet sexy
Versace - high class and intense

6.) What's your favorite color?
any of them

7.) What kind of style do you have?

8.) Plans after high school?
Harvard, Ivy League is for me
New Experiences and Fun
Whatever my mom wants me 2 do

9.) In HIgh School I was...
Vice President
The Life of the Party
The Class Clown

10.) Favorite Subject in school?
Ummm.... I'm graduating top 10 percent in my class... need I say more

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