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» Quiz: What O.C. Character are you most like?
What O.C. Character are you most like?
created by kelleyy_B

1.) What are your hobbies?
Shopping and hanging with my best friends
Hooking up with everyone and there mom and water polo
Hooking up with people soo not your age and interior design
plotting how to win over a girl and slitting your wrists.
giong to therapy planning school functions and hanging with your best friends
Playing video games and reading comic books
Hooking up with girls and protecting your friends and occassional fist fights

2.) Would your friends describe you as.....
Sarcastic but sweet
Extremly popular
Good hearted but depressed
a phsyco
a cheater
an evil controlling person

3.) What's your style like?
Designer brands
Casual but nice
girly casual
very girly
sweaters and jeans
Muscle tee and button up shirt with jeans

4.) What kind of house arrangment do you live in?
Pool house
Big house with your mom and dad
Big house with your step mom
An apartment with your dad
In a penthouse
Big house with a gay father
A house your boyfriend owns

5.) What is your favorite toy?
umm no toy
A plastic horse
My pretty pony
Care bears
no toy just sports

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