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» Quiz: What breed of horse are you?
What breed of horse are you?
created by BunnyFooFoo

Damn pictures wouldn't load, sorry.

1.) What is your favorite breed of horse out of the following six?
Quarter Horse
Miniature Horse
What is this horse you speak of?

2.) You are a horse and there is a new rider on you. He/she suddenly thwacks you with the whip and kicks you really hard with spurs. What do you do>
Take off at an all out gallop squealing and bucking. You never deserved that! Of all the insensitive people! After all, a NEWB shouldn't be riding me,
Squeal and pick up a faster gait, tossing your head all the while. Just because you're fine boned and gorgeous doesn't mean you'll do anything.
Pick up a lovely floating trot. They probably didn't mean to hit you so hard. Besides, you love to work and to please.
Keep ambling at your slow walk. Hey, they're new. Besides, you wouldn't want to lose your reputation for being the most reliable horse ever.
Rider? What are you talking about. I run free! Nobody can fence me in!
People don't ride me, I'm too small and cute! Just slap that halter on me and walk me like a dog!
-cough-...Why would I be a horse?

3.) You are walking on the sidewalk dowtown when an old man bumps against you. He is dirty, smelly, hairy, and obviously homeless. He didn't take anything from you, he just got you dirty. What do you do?
Stop and watch him walk away. Then, when he is farther ahead, you break into a jog and bump into him. You don't like being messed with.
You walk in front of him and stop. Your expensive outfit was totally ruined! You tell him off.
You hurry up to him and press a twenty dollar bill in his hand. He must need it.
You stop,k blink, and keep walking. Hey, it happens.
I don't like the city. I would be out in the fresh air and open country
Run to my mommy! He tried to kidnap me!
I would do what any normal person would do...whatever that it

4.) What would you most likely be doing on Saturday?
Working out, keeping fit. I can't stand to see people who have wasted away in their youth. I want to always look and feel good about myself.
Getting a manicure. Or I might be at a spa, or getting my hair done, or shopping...
Practicing my musical instrument. I want to be good and be able to play some famous classical music.
Sitting on the couch watching TV. Eating junk food. I might go out to the ranch and do some work.
I would be with my family. You never know when one of them might not be around anymore. Besides, I have to make sure they all stay safe.
Having a tea party!
Um...I would be busy being a human.

5.) Last question. Choose a discipline.
Horse racing or three day eventing.
Halter or English Pleasure.
Dressage or Aires Above the Ground.
Anything Western baby! Yee haw!
I prefer just watching horses have fun and play in the feild.
What's a discipline?

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