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» Quiz: If we fucked would I like it?
If we fucked would I like it?
created by sexylittlefreak

Find out if you have what it takes to make me say, "GOD!!"

1.) Which of the following turns you on the most?
Hancuffs, candles, my bed, and lots of sex
The backseat of a car, all the windows up, and the music blasting.. hard fucking
I am your master and you are my slave,; I am going to tie you to my bed, do to you whatever you would like, and fuck you like an animal
Ewwwy... you are a sick and strange freaky person you... ewwwy
This is the police! Take off your underwear, put your hands above your head, get up against the wall, and spead em
you like this shit?

2.) Let's say I am very drunk at a party and I walk up to you and hand you a condom. After a minute of just looking at it I scream, "FUCK ME!" you say?
Look, hun... I know you are drunk so I'm going to find your ride home and tell them you need to leave
Do you think you are going to remember this? No? OK good... we can use this room right here... let me help your drunk ass take that off!
I'm drunk and right now I'm so in love with you. And I don't want to think too much about what we should or shouldn't do. Place my hands on heaven bab
You say nothing, just throw me up against a wall and start fucking me right then and there.. forgetting the condom... no time for that shit

3.) Yet again we are drunk together and left alone. I look at you and start bitching about how I haven't had sex in so long and I'm going crazy without it... you say?
You know Rosie... sex isn't everything... what about love and caring about the person?
Stop bitching and come over here and suck my dick! No ones around
Look, I got a condom cuz I thought this would happen... so lets make it quick... I want you to stop bitching... and yeah I kinda wanna fuck too!
You smile, walk over to me, take my head in your hands, and say, "I've been waiting all night for this.. fuck me I'm yours!"
Get up, ask if I want another drink, walk away, and never come back (fuck you BTW)

4.) When you see blood you think..?
mmmmm... food... now only if it was running down your chest... I'd lick it all up baby
Scream, fall over, knock yourself out, and lay there for hours... you hate blood
The whole vampire thing huh? Never tried it but I'll give it a go!
its blood... dude chill

5.) Out of all of these which have you tried... if you have tired more then one which have you liked the most?
Role playing
Vampires, blood, and sucking oh my
tied down, beaten, whiped, fucked, sucked, bent over backwards, all the kinkest shit possible
I don't like any of these thank you... dick in dick out cum and we are done
S&M... Slave or the Master... either way some kinky shit is happening, some blood is being drawn, and some good fucking is going down

6.) Who is hotter?
Avril Lavigne
Jessica Simpson
That chick from that band... or that gothic one right?
Anglie Jolie
Twiggy or Marilyn Manson

7.) Let's say we are fucking and I ask you to hurt me... what would you do?
Slowly let your tongue run down my check to my neck as you begin to nibble lightly
Look at me and say, "Are you fucking nuts? You were abused as a child weren't you?"
Pull me by my hair so that my face is right in front of yours and say, "Lets me get the handcuffs bitch.. you've been a bad bad girl!"
Turn me over and start spanking me while pulling my hair and biting my neck

8.) After everything is said and done where do you cum?
Inside you of course
ummmm... in the condom
All over your chest and smile as I watch you lick it up
In your mouth... I love to watch a girl swallow my shit

9.) If you saw me at a bar and knew you had to have me how would you start a conversation with me?
"hey your feet must be tired because you have been running through my dreams all night long"
Say nothing; just walk over to you, throw you up against a wall, and start pulling off your clothes
come up from behind me and wrap your arms around me. As kiss my neck you whisper sweet nothings in my ear and lead me to a "private place"
"look, I saw you from across the room and knew that I had to fuck you... let me buy u a drink and lets go"

10.) All in All do you want me baby? Really now? Do you want me?
ummmm no you suck
I wanted you even before we started this test so lets fuck
Theres something about you that makes me hard... I got handcuffs!
sure why not... I'll fuck anything once I guess

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