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» Quiz: Which character are you from THE NOTEBOOK????
Which character are you from THE NOTEBOOK????
created by iTz_iLEe


1.) What do you like to do on your spare time?
read poetry and think of your other half
paint, read, and be with your one and only
counting how much money you have
tag along with your best friend
making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend

2.) Your idea of a perfect date?
Taking a walk after the movies and dancing in the middle of the street
Going on a boat ride to somewhere beautiful and seeing soo many swans and gooses
Go to a very expensive place to eat dinner
Going to a carnival and winning prizes for your girl friend
Going to the movies and making out with your boyfriend

3.) Where did you first meet your love one?
hanging on a farris wheel
I dont remember???
at a hospital
at a carnival
who knows?? I just love making out with them

4.) If you and your other half were meant to be, how long would you wait?
3 months
never thought of it!!!!
as long as it takes
7 years and going...................
I don't know, Im rich!!!!
none of the above

5.) If you had a dream house, how would it look like??
A big White house, with a white picket fence, blue shutters, a pourch that goes around the house so we could drink after noon tea, and a studio so I can paint!
A simple home, with my other half.
A house in the city, with expensive furniture.
A small cottage in the country.
Anywhere, as long as Im happy.

6.) Which character do you most relate 2?

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