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» Quiz: What Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Are You ? (PICS!)
What Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Are You ? (PICS!)
created by prettyinpink_2k5

Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles or who? Interested in seeing if you'd be a kick ass slayer?! This is the quiz for you ;)

1.) It's 11pm, you're walking home from the Bronze (nightclub), which shortcut, if any, do you decide to take ?
The graveyard, in hope of getting some whoop ass action!
I follow the lights and traffic, anywhere I'm safe really.
Like, through the shopping mall, duh.
Lurking through the bushes and behind the trees, stalking a certain blonde..
Past the donught palace, I'm feeling hungry after all that babe huntin'!
Back to the library, there is some jolly good research that needs done in jiffy!
The moon, it whispers to me! Oooh, he fills my head! I can't hear anything else!..
Past the bloody pub you tosser! I got some kitties that need gambled..
Snarl!.. Snarrl!.. Grrrrrrrr!.. :Pounce:
Wherever hostile number 13 is. Bluebird, this is Freelancer, mission complete, over.
OMG! I'm the key? I HATE YOU!! You ruined my life!! Go away!! I HATE LIFE!!!
Ooh, ooh, I know, lets fly there! Using our super EX-DEMON powers. Pfft.
Uhhm.. :silence:
who cares you filthy beast! I'm going to suck your brains out and theres nothing you can do about it!!

2.) You're sibling is going to die if you don't do something, what do you do?
Forfeit my own life in turn for theirs, afterall, that's what big sisters do!
Magic us both the hell outta here!
Like, buy them a porsche
Run away to Los Angeles
Eat my donughts
Mwuahahahaha! :evil grin:
Stab the bloody bastard!
Grrr... Whoah, fulls moons over.
Retreat mission, mission failed. Over and out.
Go back to demonocity
Get shot and create super witch!
Laugh, she's the key. Im a god, you get the drift, bitch.

3.) Last and not least, if you could be any member of the Buffy cast, who would you be?
Buffy, coz she gets everything so good!
Willow, she's a babe!
Cordelia, so I could feel myself up!
Angel, so I could kill myself
Xander, so I could make jokes even when facing death
Giles, coz he's like major smart!
Drusilla, coz she's just the shizit!
Spike, he just rocks!
Oz, woof woof! Dog's are soo cute!
Riley, he's hot.
Dawn, she gets to cry all the time!
Anya, she's sarcastic!
Tara, she can keep bloody quite!
Glory, coz I'm just a GODDESS!!

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