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» Quiz: How Horsey Are You?
How Horsey Are You?
created by Nikki72

Are you a true horselover? Do you think you are the Horseiest Person around? Do you love horses more than anything else in the world? Take this quiz and find out if you are a true Horselover!

1.) Its getting dark outside, and you had just bought your very own new horse, but you remember that you still have to clean your room and finish your homework. But your horse needs to be settled in his new stable. You...
Forget all about homework and cleaning and go settle your precious new horse in his stable, with fresh hay and water, and fresh straw for bedding.
Ohh well, I didnt want to stay out in the cold anyways. Then get someone else to put him away for you.
Quickly go and put him in his stable with some food, then go inside to clean up and finish your homework. Then come out later to groom him.
To bad he can wait, anyways my homework and room is more important than hugging him all night and taking an hour to settle him in.

2.) You and your horse have a show to go to tomorrow, but there is so much to do! You...
Give him a nice warm bath with shampoo, then groom him till his coat shines.
laze around and watch TV. Then call up your friends and go to the mall, then a movie.
Play with your horse in the pasture for a bit, then go shine your boots and clean his tack.
talk on the phone for an hour or two, then finally get outside to start loading up the equipment.

3.) You went shopping with your friends, and you found the English saddle & Bridle you have always wanted, but your friends get these SUPER cool T-shirts and fashion pants, what do you do?
Say, Wow! I love those clothes! I have to get some! Then forget about the saddle and bridle and go spend your money on clothes.
Well, I do like those but my horse needs a new saddle and bridle, the saddle is pinching his withers, and the bridle broke. Maybe another time.
Buy some of the cool clothes, but only have enough money for the bridle. Oh, well this bridle will have to do for now You say.
Pretnd to not notice your friends new clothes, and buy the saddle, bridle, and some leg wraps.

4.) There is a new program on TV that just started and you have been dying all week to see it but you promised your horse that you would take him out for a ride tonight. You.......
Sigh, but do as you promised and ride him for a while and do some jumping.
Say, Oh who cares about a silly TV show anyways? Then go and have some fun galloping down the field on your precious beauty.
Sorry boy You say to your horse. I really want to see this show, but I promise I will take you out tomorrow early in the morning. He lets out a sigh
Totally forget about your horse and go over to your friends house and eat popcorn and chips while you watch the Better than my horse Program.

5.) One day you invite your gang to come and see your wonderful horse you bought, but they start teasing him and telling mean jokes about him. You.......
Stare at them in horror at what they are doing, and shout at them that they are NEVER aloud to come back again, and HOW DARE THEY DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feel kind of sorry for your horse, but dont do anything about it. Dont want your friends to think your uncool.
Do what your Gang does and start teasing him too. Then take treats and pretend to give them to him, but snatch them away again & again.
Say, Whatever, come on guys leave him alone and come get a drink Then tell your horse not to bug them next time, and maybe they will leave him alone

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