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» Quiz: What Stargate Race are you?
What Stargate Race are you?
created by kinnell

What Stargate Race are you?

1.) Which color scheme fits you best?
Gold & Black
Silver & White
Grey & Black
Green & Black
Cyan & White

2.) You meet an inferior race of humans. How do you interact?
Cull them. Feed upon them.
Enslave them.
Befriend them
Ally with them and then slowly kill them.
Assimilate them.

3.) Other races would describe you as...
inferior in intelligence
Cunning, decieving
a Danger to all life
haughty, pompous
void of feeling
strong, loyal
an enigma, a mystery
benevolent, but self-interested
simple, kind

4.) If you were an animal, which would you be?

5.) Which of the following would interest you?
Quantum Physics
Time Travel
Peace with Everyone
Chemical Warfare

6.) Which abstract ideal do you best exemplify?

7.) An unknown race arrives in your territory, how do you respond?
Inspect, Attack & Kill.
Call Out. Gather Information. Reach Conclusion.
Inspect. Observe. Take no Direct Actions.
Meet. Ally. Decieve.
Scout. Cull.
Call out. Conquer.
Inspect. Stay Hidden. Leave Territory if possible.
Observe. If inferior, ignore. If superior, ally.
Greet them with friendship. Ally.

8.) An enemy is captured, what do you do?
Interrogate him with torture.
Kill him.
Mind Probe him.
Let him go free.
He had enough warnings. Dissipate him.
Treat him well until a punishment can be reached.
Psychologically probe him mind and then feed upon him.
Interrogate. If no answers arise, despose of him.
Torture him until he dies a brutal slow death.
Interrogate. Kill. Tell Enemy that an Accident occured.

9.) What is your greatest fear?
No faith
Identity Revealed
Lack of Continuation of Race
Downright War
Feelings block missions
Dominance of another
No food.
A glitch.
Mission Revealed

10.) If you could have a special ability or special technology, what would it be?
Heal others.
Incredible Strength
Increased Healing.
Longer Life.
Walk through Walls.
Psychologically Read Minds
Become Invisible
Parasite others.
Assimilate others.

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