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» Quiz: Which "The L Word" Character Are You?
Which "The L Word" Character Are You?
created by FashionablyUnfashionable

This quiz, through a series of questions will show you which "The L Word" character you most likely resmble!

1.) What is your current Career?
I am an Editor for a highly veiwed magazine...You've probably heard of it...i write the fun quizzes and interesting articles!
My career is very important to me, I am a director at the CAC (California Art Center), and I take it very...oh excuse me that's my cell phone!
I am a tennis player, I just resently got a Subaroo add that I am very excited about! it's just to bad it didn't happen a little sooner!
I'm a writer, I write...yes, I love to write, I read too, but mostly I write...oh but to pay bills I work at a local grocery store!
I'm a song writer by day, Diva by night! Slim Daddy, really loves my work!
I run a local Coffee shop called The Planet, it's owned by me but paid for by my hard ball gf Franchesca! some day it will be mine!
I'm what you would call a starving artist, but my art is cutting hair. I want to run my own hair salon, it's in the far future!
I'm a girls swim coach, everything was going really good, till my soon to be wife Jenny went and did her lesbian thing and no im a single loser!
um...i don't know maybe this is the wrong quiz...bye now!

2.) What do you do in your spare time?
I hang out at the planet, talk to my friends, and scope out all my possible love interests...there;s so many what with being Bisexual and all!
Spare time, ha that's a good one...I'm to busy for spare time, with the little time Ido have I spend working out possible business angles!
I spend my free time at the planet where most of my friends are. I used to spend it with my gf Lara...but I ruined that with my closetedness!
I write, I'm a writer, I read too, but I mostly write. Oh and sometimes when it's not awkward I hang out with these lesbians I met when I moved here.
I party with rappers, and I don't drink. I just chill! And sometimes I hang out with Ivan, this cute little Drag King i ment who has the hots for me!
I run the planet, but since that is where my friends are most of the time, it all works out ok for me.
I drink coffee at the planet and talk to my friends, but where ever I go, I pick up a new girl!
I hang out with the guys, and all our loserness, i watch my ex's gf's walk in and out my shead, and I mac on the girls i coach!

3.) Who do you love?
I don't know, I'm some what tired oflove and just want to have fun, but lately I have been feeling very deeply twords my best friend Dana!
I am in love with my 7 year partner Tina...but lately I have been feeling out of touch with her...I am having an affair with the carpenter at the CAC.
I was in love with Lara, a beautiful Chef, but I skrewed that up...now I am getting married to a women I met a few weeks ago...she's great!
My writing, Im a writer, I write. I don't know who I love...guys/girls, whatever...I like this woman named marina, and this guy, and this other girl!
I love life, and possibly this Ivan chick, but my baby sister Bette insists my straightness, so i am confused a little!
Jenny I only love Jenny, I just wish she could see it...with my gf Franchesca here I can't tell her how I feel yet!
I like a lot, but I have never loved, I resently fell in love with a marries woman, but things got very mixed up, and my heart was broken. love stinks
I don't know...i like girls! and so does my stupid ex gf Jenny god, she fucked everything up!

4.) What is your biggest regret, or biggest mistake?
That I couldn't see that I loved Dana sooner, and that I couldn't get the courage up to say it earlier!
That I got so messed up in this relationship with Candace that i let things get so ruined with Tina!
That I couldn't come out quicker...I should have, then maybe Lara would still be with me!
Not writting enough, I'm a writer, I write...and that i sorta hurt Tim when I let him see me being eaten by Marina...and not knowing who i love most!
Drinking...starting to drink is my biggest regret...I am quitting and i am getting better!
Letting Jenny think I didn't love her, and letting my debt to francesca get so big!
not being a girl...maybe if i wasn't a gross loser guy who likes Dykes till my gf is one, and sleeps with his students...jenny might still like me!

5.) Pet Peeve?
Transexual guys, that are lesbian women on the inside...I want a boyfriend whose straight, and a girlfriend whose gay!
biggots. I don't like people that don't look at every view, things arn't just one way...and if people could see that, things would be better!
Evil agents that tell you your Anna Kornickova(sp?) days are numbered and won't let you come out, and be QUEER!
Not writters, that don't write. I don't like people that are 2 faced...people who lie, i may come off that way myself...but im a writer, we usually do
alcoholics, they tempt me, and hurt the people around them!
I don't like people that can't see whats really going on, and i dont like pushy people thats dont understand!
i dont like people who are lame...and people that mooch.
girlfriends that move in with you next door to a lesbian couple that i force her to hangout with, and then disides to be gay too!
Hey....why did you leave me out...my name is Tina Kennard and I am a big part of this show too...where am i hah! god how lame!!!

6.) Whats your secret?
I love Dana Fairbanks my best friend!
I am having an affair because ever since my life partner Tina lost our baby...I have been feeling out of touch!
I had a secret....now i just have concerns
hmmm, a lot....Im a writer, i write....we have a lot of secrets!
that i could be falling for a white drag king named Ivan, but since my sister and everyone else know me as straight i am confused about my feelings
that i am not happy with the life i live right now
i love deeper than most but it hurts to much so i never do!
i am insecure about my manhood, because the girl i was gonna marry left me for a woman, and is now seeing 2 women and a man who like seals.

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