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» Quiz: If you were a horse.......
If you were a horse.......
created by Kadisha

What breed and colour would you be if you were a horse? What kind of temperment would you have? Take the quiz to find out...

1.) I know its a REALLY old question but whats your favourite breed?
Paso Fino
Arabs and Thoroughbreds
Paints, Quarter Horses and Appaloosa's.
I like the big breeds!
Well, i like a horse that will get the job done, maybe a little bit of a challenge?
Race Race Race!
Welsh Ponies are perfect for me!
None of the above...

2.) Another old one....favourite colour? Theres a mix of horses coat colours and just colours...pick you favourite.
All differant colours, but I like purple best of all!
I like neutral colours like brown. Black is good too though.
White and Grey. Silver is magical!
Blood Red with maybe some black. Blue is nice to...it goes with red.
All kinds of bright colours like fluro yellow and green!
I love Palominos. They are my favourite colour for a horse and my favourite colour.
Race Race Race...oh, ummmmm,DUN!
Black. Black is the only colour that exists.
My favourite colour is black but I like other colours for horses.
I dont beleive in colours...i dont have time for them!

3.) Imagine you are a horse, you see your rider come towards to with a halter in one hand and a carrot in the other. What do you do?
Walk slowly towards them, if I get the carrot the ride will be worth it...
Wait for them to get to me...when ill they learn that they should ome with 5 CARROTS?
Run at a flat gallop around the paddock then back at my owner...give me the carrot...
Lift my head high and soar like the free animal I am...I'll stop eventually but I have to put on a bit of a show first!
Pick my feet up into a lope and go to them, ...where are we going today???...
Lift my head and walk to them. Take the carrot and wait for my halter
Turn my bum to them and hope they go away, if they dont, i guess Ill be good. At least I tried...
Start chasing the cattle in my paddock around as soon as I see my rider....must show how good i am...
Look away! Maybe they wont see me!!

4.) Your a human again...what is your temperment like?
Impatient and often stubborn
Ill just do what my friends do...im not a leader.
Proud and Free. Im the leader in my group of friends,
I need to look good. All the people at scholl/ work follow me and worship me.
Im co operative andd I will stand up for myself but if I can avoide it I will.
I love to run around and have fun with my friends. Sometimes Im a bit shy but I can be stubborn too.
Although Im good at sport no one wants to be my friend. I dont care though...I dont need all them. As long as I have my sprint track.
Im a bit of an outsider but some people like me for who I am. If anyone messes with me they better watch out!

5.) You can choose which way want to look at this question...as a horse or as a human...it really doesnt matter.What is your favourite dicipline?
Cross country
Trail riding and dresage
Endurance, dressage, pony club
Stock work
Western Events and trail riding
Tug-o-war and just pleasure riding.
Jumping logs in the forest and occasionally showing.

6.) You are a horse in a sale yard. So many people are looking at you and judging you! What kind of rider are you hoping will buy you?
Preferably someone who does western riding. Trail riding is fine. As long as they look after me and let me hahve fun!
Ide rather go out on a station to chase them cattle around. I love going on long musters. Any where but here!
A little girl who trusts me would be great! She can learn to ride on me! I'de be good for her. As long as she didnt pull on my mouth, i hate that!
Someone who has a property in the country is great. Somewhere wih small hills to canter up. Lush green grass. I can handle farm work too!
A jockey is wonderful! Or even a trainer! Although Ide like a jockey who let me have breaks too!I always run so much!
Anythign western is what I love! Roping, bending, team penning, barrels...you name it Im there! An english rider will have a little trouble with me.
Ill go home with someone english or western. I love trails and I can do dressage too!As long as they let me have my pride and joy im fine!
I love endurance. I can walk, trot and canter all day!But I can also do a perfect passover and jumping is like flying for me!I just need to feel free!

7.) Last question, what did you think of this quiz?
Fine, i guess
It was a waste of my precious time!
Something to do eh.
Plainly stupid

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